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Welcome and why CBT...

Welcome to my site, I'm Caroline. I hope that you will find some of my blog post musings, helpful in supporting you with ideas and tips in how to be who you want to be, more of the time. I also hope that the blog will help you gauge whether you would be interested in working with me, in therapy or in the practice of applied psychology.

Firstly, I would like to introduce you to why I practice the way I do. I very much identify as a Clinical Psychologist, who has a specialist skills in applying Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to a range of difficulties we face in life, whether these be called a disorder, or not. A 'disorder' is just a description of a cluster of attempted solutions / difficulties that create a pattern of thinking, feeling and doing that have a theme. There are many themes, and many disorders, but what connects them is the fundamentals of human experience and suffering. Everyone is doing there best, and from this premise we can look at how we feel in our body and our emotions, what we do, don't do (including how we relate to ourselves and others) and what part our mind, mental ,

processes, memories and beliefs all come together to create a moment by moment understanding of human experience, within the context of our personal history, culture and societal context.

Many people have heard of CBT, and there are many accolades, myths and criticisms of the therapy and it's delivery. I myself, was a staunch critic for many years. However, the deeper into the practice of CBT I go, the more it has led me to challenge my own assumptions and beliefs over and over again. This in in and of its self is CBT applied to myself. I have been a client of, and therapist in, a wide range of psychological 'treatments' and exploration far from all of being CBT. I have benefited and learned from all of this work, on myself and with the people I work with in my own practice. This has provided a strong and stable platform in which to understand the human experience from a broad perspective that can be transformed and delivered within a transparent, collaborative and pragmatic therapy experience. I have had some not so great therapy, and indeed, I have done some not so great therapy; so I can speak from both sides of the coin about the accolades, myths and criticisms of CBT. I will start with a balanced look at the accolades.

CBT's Accolades

  • CBT is an effective, evidence based therapy; it really is, I have seen it work, lots of times! However, other therapies also work, and part of it working depends on what is needed and wanted at the time. The other part if it working is held within the therapeutic relationship. In fact this accounts for third of your chance of feeling a significant benefit from therapy.

  • CBT helps you to learn new ways of being and thinking. This is true, if you take the chance in doing things differently and seeing if that works for you, you can learn to trust that you can do things in new ways, that reduce your suffering.

  • CBT works quickly; it can, it's true. When the time is right, CBT, with your motivation and an authentic and compassionate therapeutic relationship, can indeed change your life relatively quickly. CBT has a range of techniques that can help you take what is learned in therapy out into the world, and allow you to live your life with more vibrancy and enthusiasm, and keep learning more...

I will follow up on the myths and criticisms another time...everything has it's shadow, and nothing is ever perfect. For me, CBT is good enough and I like working this way, it's helpful, practical, and transparent, that combined with with my compassionate and straightforward approach has served many people I have worked with in good stead. Check out my testimonials page.


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